My name is Bryan. I made a website about a year&1/2 ago.
It stunk. It was basicly my life story and links. But now, my website
is so much more! I have a downloads section, a pictures section, an
about section... Basicly, my website has gotten bigger and better.
My interests are N64 games, Legos, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing,
Starcraft, and some other stuff too. I live in a cozy suburban
house, along with my older brother. Now for my dedications-

*Danno- Getting Web Studio and inspiring me to get it.
*Rikki- Making an awesome website which inspired me to make a
better one.
Joey & Neal M. - For being my friends.
My parents- for being nice when they saw my sebsite.
*Brandon- For being my brother. Definitely not for being a cruel
evil teen.

*= See their website in my links section.
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